Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Online Profile

Many of you have asked...where and how I have met such losers... The answer is....Online.

I thought you might be interested in seeing how I present myself on these sites. So here it is.... one of my profiles!

so...a bit about me..hmm.
I'm honest to a fault (gets me in trouble sometimes). i laugh at dumb jokes (and smart ones)...i was blessed with amazing family and amazing friends. I'm lucky at finding good parking spots (most of the time). I've recently become addicted to the show hoarders...and cleaned out my closet today because of it.
i love to travel...there are tons of places i want to go to. Greece is at the top of the list right now.
i love dogs...i hit the doggie jackpot with mine. her name is lily pants.
i love to paint. i do custom pet portraits part time...hoping it will be full time someday :)
i love to stay active. i play on a volleyball and kickball league.
i love most movies (except horror) and cry in almost all of them...seriously...but sometimes they are happy tears ;) haha
i love to read. right now I'm on Dr. Marys Monkey, just finished The help.
i love Jack Johnson. i never tire of listening to him. same with stone temple pilots. never been to a Dave Mathews concert...and i need to!
i get very passionate about politics (republican here) and commonsense and societal views on pretty much anything. i love to debate...

i love random facts! like for instance: donkeys were once used to guard cattle in Africa because they are the only animal of their size that will not back down to a lion.
and I'm spent...... ;) hope that gives you a bit of insight.

I'm looking for someone that is honest and loyal and will not take me for granted...and, well... just clicks with me. i also want someone that knows what they want out of life. if you are still trying to figure yourself out...we wont be a good match. and please, be a gentleman!

***sense of humor is whole family is goofy :)

so anyways....hi, I'm Chelsea :) i would love to hear from you! you could start with telling me some random facts about yourself ;)      


so there it is.... What not to as not to attract Losers! haha

Ugh, Dating!


  1. I'd date you, but my twin (Rodrigo) might get jealous

  2. oh Rodrigo....if only he lived here! ;)