Monday, September 12, 2011

The Cheap Geek

I’m not sure if it is Geek or Nerd that I should be using….but, cheap is definitely the right adjective. I’m going to stick with Geek, just because it flows nicer…just rolls off the tongue.
Again, I met Cheap Geek online… I’m starting to sound sooooo repetitive. But it’s just the facts. He looked cute in his pictures and sounded great in the emails. He admitted up front that he was a computer geek, and that he was fond of dumb jokes. Maybe, I should have taken him seriously. Maybe, I should have called it quits right there. But the truth is, I am totally a geek, or nerd…I’m not sure which…but something. Which one is not good with computers? I am that one.. hmmm… now that I think of it, maybe I am a Dork.

Now, I believe there are different degrees of Geekness. A low degree geek is maybe someone that really loves Star Wars. A high degree geek is maybe someone that goes to Star Wars conferences and names their kids (if they find another high degree geek to mate with) Luke, Leah, and Chewbacca.

The Cheap Geek was a luke-warm (haha…should I say Luke Skywalker-warm?) geek. He was not geeky at all in that he does drag racing (the legal kind) and rides a motorcycle. Those are tough man sports. Right?  But, he was really geeky with his jokes and comments… now, don’t get me wrong, my jokes are cheesier than most (reference Luke Skywalker warm), but there is an acceptable dosage. To make a joke or cheesy comment after everything I say gets really old, really fast.

We talked on the phone a couple of times before meeting. The first conversation was exhausting with a high level of geekage. The second call was great. He knew when to talk, when to listen, and when to joke. This phone call repaired all damage from the first, and I was excited to meet him again.

So…we met.

He was far from the best looking or best dressed that I have been out with…but also far from the worst. So he is an average looking, average dressed, luke-warm geek.

At dinner, he made one line jokes after everything I said, the waitress said, or he, himself said. The waitress looked uncomfortable, I was uncomfortable, and he was happy as a clam with no awareness to the surrounding discomfort.

As we are looking at the menu, he tells me I should go for the lesser expensive option I mentioned and then asked if I wanted to split it. Before I could respond…he waved the waitress over to ask her the size of the meal. She said it was not really over-sized and probably not enough for two people. He looked defeated.

After we ordered, the cheaper options…but not split, he told me he likes to drink wine. He told me that he buys whatever is cheap. He said he goes for the bottles under a couple bucks. There is nothing wrong with being frugal… in fact, that is something I need to be more of, but not when price is the only motivator. There is something to be said for quality. “You get what you pay for”. And the point is, most people show their best side on a first date…would this mean all future dates would be Taco Bell? I don’t want to have to split my burrito!

And… Throughout the rest of the conversation, he mentioned cost, and the fact that he goes for whatever is least expensive. I was like, I get it….your cheap. A Cheap Geek.

Ugh, dating!

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  1. I can't believe he was trying to tell you to keep it cheap! On the first date!! Isn't that something you do when you are married and have an excess in bills due?? LOL