Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Lamo Texters

This could really be about several guys I have talked to….and never met…but lets focus on two, Lamo Texter #1, and Lamo Texter #2. (I know...really creative names)

Lamo texter #1 constantly sent me messages asking if I knew where he could find a gorgeous brunette. Don’t get me wrong, it never hurts to be called a gorgeous brunette, but when you say that exact sentence 3 times a day…it gets a bit old! He would text me pictures (no naked ones…thank God), and tell me about his day…..All texts! He finally asked to meet up after one week of texting…but he asked me to hang out later that same day. Ahhh, no thanks! I am busy! I told him if he wants to meet me that he needs to give more than a few hours notice. The texting continued…my patience started to diminish….and then while texting about movies, he said “when do you want to go see one?”…. I said “if you want to meet me, you're going to have to come out and ask…a phone call wouldn’t kill ya either ;)”… I know, a bit harsh… but keep in mind, the texting had gone on for 2 weeks…with no phone call. I mean, seriously….grow a pair! For all I know, he was a woman! (maybe, that's why he didn't want to call).

Lamo texter #2 went through the same motions as Lamo texter #1. First contact- a text. Full conversation- by text. Pictures texted….UGH!!!!!! Unfortunately for #2, my patience was totally gone with texting, by the time he came around. The more he texted, the less I responded. Finally he said “Just wondering if you are still interested in talking…either way let me know. I don’t want to waste either of our times.” I responded “I hear ya…but it is hard to be interested when I have never even met you. I'm definitely not interested if you just want to continue texting.” Thirty minutes later…he called. I wasn’t able to answer the call…so I got another text (no voicemail) “I tried contacting you..and I don’t hear back. Its hard to meet if you don’t chat”. Keep in mind this text came twenty minutes after the phone call. Seriously! And I am the crazy, impatient one? So I responded, two hours later…when  I was available, “This may come off cold…but I have other things going on in my life than to sit around and wait for your texts. This interacting has made me un-interested. If you are interested in someone, call and ask her out! Good luck with your search… I am sorry, but I expect so much more”.

I know I may seem cold or harsh, but it gets exhausting. Where are the men at?

I want a Man!!!…a man that isn’t afraid to call the first time…even if that means the risk of having to leave a voicemail. (ooohhhh, scary!) A man, that calls and says, When can I take you out? A man that gives notice and doesn’t expect you to be available the same day! A Gentleman! Is it really so much to ask for?

Ugh, Dating!


  1. Hang in there Chelsea! Your expectations are not too high!

  2. Too much to ask for....perhaps, but worth it when you find the right one. xo

    Terry R.

    PS - regarding the "order the cheapest thing guy, I once had a guy tell me I could only order something he had a coupon for...funny things haven't changed much in 20 years! LOL