Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Wannabe Blue Man Video Gamer

The Wannabe Blue Man Video Gamer
Due to the fact that The Wannabe Blue Man Video Gamer has such a long title, (I mean, lets be honest, you cant say that 5 times fast) I will refer to him as just The Blue Man throughout this story.
I met The Blue Man online (of course) about 6 years ago. I don’t remember much, except that he played drums in a band and wanted to be a Blue Man (with the Blue Man Group), and a firefighter.  He told me that he tried out for The Blue Man Group every year, and every year was denied because he is too tall. Although He was skinny with bulging eyes…you would think his look was perfect! He also was denied getting a job as a firefighter several times, and he kept trying…got to admire the determination!
We went on a few dates and always had a good time. I have always had a bit of a thing for tall and gangly… and he definitely had many interests to talk about. On our third date, I drove to his side of town (which luckily was not far), and was going to just pick him up to go to dinner….yes, I know…sounds like I'm the man. Sometimes, I feel like it with these guys. Anyways, I had directions to his apartment complex, but didn’t know the number…plus, why should I pick him up at the door…Should I have also brought flowers? So, I called him to tell him I arrived, and he asked me to come in, because he needed to finish getting ready. Really? I was a bit scared…Was I going to walk in on him naked? Or was he finishing his makeup? I was a bit hesitant, but I walk up to his door, get my hand ready to shield my eyes, and ring the bell. Thank god! He was fully clothed…looked ready to me. He invited me in, and let me know that he needed to finish his video game.  I had to sit and watch him play his video game for thirty minutes before he was ready to leave for dinner. Come on! I don’t know why, I put up with it. Why I didn’t tell him to shove it and leave…apparently I wasn’t as jaded back in the day. These days, I would have shared with him what it means to be a gentleman and left. Although, maybe I was smarter back then…because I did get free dinner!
Needless to say, I didn’t talk to him again. I don’t even like playing video games, let alone watching someone else play them for half an hour. Sooooo boring!
Ugh, Dating!

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