Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Gentleman

I figured I would share a story of a great guy…since I am starting to sound a bit jaded and bitter. Not all the dates I have had have been terrible…my problem is that most of the good dates come with bad timing.
I met The Gentleman about one month after I got my heart broken…for the first time. (bad timing). He did everything right…more than right…he courted me. I had never had anyone be so thoughtful and considerate before. He found out my interests and planned the dates accordingly.
Our first date, he drove twenty minutes out of the way to pick me up (and he opened my car door). We went to a restaurant known for their mac and cheese selection…specifically because he found out that I am like a five year old….and love mac and cheese. After dinner we went on a gondola ride and got a drink at the hotel. He never made a move on me…total gentleman! …so I did! (Don’t get ahead of yourself, we just kissed). At the end of the night, he took me home, walked me to my door, and asked to see me again….ummm, heck yes! Of course, I want to see him again…I like a man that knows how to treat a woman.
Our second date, he took me to the Art Museum…again, he knows I am an artist, so he planned something thoughtful for me. Amazing isn’t it? Maybe, its because he is older than me…Maybe, its because he was taught properly…who knows? But, from experience…I know that this kind of man doesn’t come around often.
So now, I bet you are wondering… “how did she screw it up?” Well, let me tell you…
As I mentioned, I met The Gentleman only one month after getting my heart ripped out! I know this sounds dramatic…but that’s what is felt like. I had never had my heart broken before..I used to be the breaker. I never knew that it physically hurt, I never knew that you wouldn’t want to eat, couldn’t sleep, and would cry until your tears turned to sand.  I didn’t know how to handle it…do I did the  only thing I could think of…I started dating immediately. I wanted the attention. I wanted to feel like my ex made a terrible decision…because there are tons of guys that would want me. So, I dated everyone that asked… and because I was so emotionally unavailable…a lot of guys asked.  (this is the trick apparently).
I was honest with The Gentleman, I told him that I was dating multiple people…and that I wasn’t ready to settle down. He was fine with this…until I went on a date with someone he knew. (I know, I know…I am an asshole). He was an adult about it. He told me that he was falling for me, and it was too much. He said he knew that it wouldn’t end well for him, and he wanted to bow out now. I freaked! Was I going to throw away the best guy that had ever come my way? Was he the right guy, at the wrong time? I couldn’t stand to let him go. .. so I told him that I would date him exclusively. .. and then I freaked again! Wait, is he my boyfriend? I feel like I'm cheating…even though my ex has been with someone else since before he left me…but I was so devoted to him. Basically, I was an emotional wreck! The gentleman and I dated five days, exclusively. And I couldn’t handle it. He saw it coming. And after some time…has forgiven me for being such a loser.
We are still friends…and I would like to point out, that I didn’t leave him for someone else… I just simply lost my mind!
But, Thanks Gentleman. Thank you, for proving to me that there are really nice guys out there! (side point: for those of you that believe the nice guys finish last…The Gentleman is marrying a total hottie soon…he totally didn’t finish last…so don’t be afraid to be nice).
Ugh, Dating…..Ugh, Timing is everything!

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