Friday, November 11, 2011

The Husband Trainer

Yep…that’s me!
So, today my ex…the only one that has ever broken my heart…is getting married today! Don’t ask me how I know (instead refer to Welcome to Crazy (that’s me)). This year alone, I have had 4 exes get married…these are the ones I know about…so it made me think…hmmmm….there must be some connection…
Yep, I have it all figured out! I, without knowing until now, am a fantastic husband trainer. Maybe this is my calling…maybe this is what my life plans were always meant to be.
Men like to claim that they wish women would be more up front with what they want and need….but these are lies! The truth is: MEN DON’T LIKE TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO…and well, I tell them all the time. I am up front with what I want and need in a relationship. I don’t play the “you should already know” game. There is no guessing with me..everything is out in the open (no not my girlie parts…just my thoughts…sheesh).
When you actually tell a man what you want or expect, they have no excuses. They say that they wish women would be more blunt and honest…because they know most women wont do that, and then they have an excuse of why they didn’t….until they meet me!
But, the good news is that…they learn from me what women want…and when they meet you…they will buy you flowers, and tell you that you're beautiful, and take out the trash without being asked. With me, they cant actually do those things…because I tell them I like it…therefore telling them what to do..and they are ALL MAN…No one tells a man what to do!
So, ladies…youre welcome!
 If you would like a list of my exes, I am happy to oblige. Although most are married now…because they learned how to treat a woman right!
Ugh, Dating! Ugh, Husband Training!

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