Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Ideal Man

Since many of you have been asking me what I am looking for….Here it is.
I want to meet someone like my dog, Lily Pants…except way less K9 and way less female… and preferably less furry (although I am willing to compromise).
She is always happy to see me, always forgives me if I am cranky or crazy, and lets be honest, she is smarter than most of the men I meet. Not to mention, she protects me when I am weak, and cuddles me when I am sad. All in all, she accepts me for who I am… crazy, weird, scattered….all of it.
I want a man that isn’t afraid to show he cares…even if there is a risk of heartbreak. Someone that is smart and witty, and willing to communicate.
I know that no one is perfect. I am willing to compromise. If he wants to chase after dump trucks, and bury my gifts….I can handle that. I would even be willing to pick up his shit…although if this is taken literally…that might get weird.
But, truthfully, I really am just looking for a man. A man that knows who they are, and knows what they want. I tend to be attracted to conservative guys, that own guns and trucks, and like to fix things…but even these are things I can forgo. I just want someone that is honest and grown up enough to not play games. If he plays hard to get…Im over it. I don’t want what I cant have. I don’t play games, and I have no problem telling someone I like them….this is normally where I go wrong…I guess.
Find me a good ole cowboy that likes to take care of his lady…and can still dress up nice J
I'm sure this is what everyone wants…and I'm sure its hard to come by. Maybe this is why I am still single. The truth is though, you still need a connection…and attraction. It can be hard to find the guy that is what I am looking for…and at the same time, be what he is looking for. They say it’s a numbers game. They say there is someone out there for everyone….maybe “everyone” is less picky…who knows!
In the meantime, I'm just working on spells that will turn my dog into a man, a human man.  And when the spell takes, I'm gonna teach that bitch to scratch back!
Ugh, Dating!

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