Thursday, October 27, 2011

Im a One and a Half

I have a theory....which I think we should actually consider as fact. Yep, its fact! When it comes to love and relationships you need to have a minimum of one out of three. The list of Three consists of 1.Personality, 2. Looks, 3. Money. If you don't have an abundance of at least one of these will forever be alone, or worse..stuck with someone else lacking even one.

The beauty of it is that even if you only have one of the three, there is someone that will love you for it. So if you are better start buying those lotto tickets or inventing something genius...or practice your jokes. If you are broke, same thing funny and maybe hit the gym. If you were one of the lucky ones that was born good can get away with much more than most people. But, if I were you...I would shoot for the grail! I mean, at least get a personality. You have the potential to have it all. Most of us, can really only strive for a full 2...maybe 2.5. So hotties, take advantage...the world is your oyster!

I, personally, am striving for my equal, a One and a half. Although, to be honest...who wouldn't want a Two?

Maybe this is why I am single. Maybe, I really am expecting a full 2 out of 3. Although, I really think I just want a smart, witty (full category personality) that is not poverty and doesn't hurt to look at. I think that is a fair expectation. No? I guess that is a full 2. One for personality and half looks, half money. Hmmm.

The point is, I think our scaling of 1-10 is off. I think it is really 0-3. With that said, Bring on a TWO!!!

Now, don't get me wrong. I know some of these numbers are subjective. One person may give you a full point for something, that someone else may only give half. So, maybe the goal is to find the one that thinks you are all three. Someone that views you as the holy grail.

So, my fellow daters... I wish you the Grail!

Ugh, Dating!


  1. Thank god I'm freaking unbelievably sexy.

  2. I'm going for a 4! It's a toss up, day to day, on what I want that fourth trait to be, lol. For now, I'll say he better know how to dance (or want to learn).