Monday, October 10, 2011

An Ass out of U and Me

I like to assume things....I know this is stupid, but I do it constantly. So I thought I would share one of these assumptions.

Boob Men, Ass Men, and Leg Men.

I personally like Boob Men! I imagine that they like big, natural, boobs. I got em! I also think they are accustomed to a thicker girl..because it is a rarity to find a skinny girl with naturally big boobs. I know it isn't fair. There are also really pretty girls that also have a personality!!! I know, I know, its B.S., but it happens! The point is that it seldom happens...naturally. Anyways, so I am more confident and at ease when I am dating a Boob Man.

Ass Men like....a nice ass...or maybe a big ass. Not gonna lie, I got that too! But, big but(t)...hahahah, I assume Ass Men go for a more athletic girl, because lets be honest....Athletic girls normally have the nicest butts! Again,I am sure this is not always the case...but if you have been reading these, you should know that I have a problem with listening and overall...being rational.

I would like to mention that I recently had a conversation with an Ass Man, and he totally disagreed with this statement. He said he definitely prefers curves all around. God Bless him! But, you got to know...I am stuck in my ways!

Leg Men....pretty self explanatory...and I just cant compete! I can honestly say, I have never dated a Leg Man....and I don't plan on starting. Although, I will immediately start some squats and lunges...just in case!

I think my point is....Where are the Boob Men at? ;) 

Ugh, Dating!

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  1. LOL... I don't think there is a "one-thing" man, such as an ass-man, boob-man, or leg-men! This probably relates to the one thing that (you can call it "asset" or even "objet d'art")becomes the central point of attraction in one person. Maybe if someone lacks the goodies in one area, then one can focus on something else and find happiness there?! I have to imagine that before the boob industry was developed (plastic surgery)there was more boob-men?!!!! LOL