Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let's get this started!

From the beginning….

I have to apologize because I don’t feel I started this out appropriately.  I had a bit of an emotional rant, which is bound to happen when you get dissed by your Future Husband.
So, anyways...
Where do I even begin…. I don’t consider myself much of a writer, so I guess I can start by telling you why I am writing this in the first place. Peer pressure… that’s why! (blogging- it’s like the new smoking).

 My friends still laugh uncontrollably when they think of my dating life. Their favorite is a guy we all refer to as “The Spitter”. (I will share this story down the road…I need a big audience for that embarrassment….hint hint… gather me some followers)

The Spitter, regardless of the humiliation it brings me, is brought up at most gatherings. So they have pressured me to share this story, as well as many others.

 Through out this blog, I will refer to the different experiences, old & new, by the title my friends and I remember them as, The Spitter, The high fiver, My Future Husband, etc. I also have referred to them this way to protect their identities. Ok….not really, I don’t really care to protect them…this is for me, I am doing it to protect me…from getting sued.

 I would like to mention, this is not a blog about my sex life, in fact the majority of these stories never made it passed the first or second dates (and I have a strict "pants on" rule). This is also not meant to bash men…. I don’t hate men. And I do believe there are really great guys out there. I just think everyone has those moments where they don’t really shine (me included…which I probably don’t need to point out) and well, I just happen to really bring out those 'not so shiny' moments in people.

 I hope this blog will bring laughs, even if they are at my expense…I think quite a few of them will be. I also hope that if you are single and going through the ringer, like I am, that it will give you confidence that you are not the only one.

 It is not just you!

 So with that said… Ugh, Dating!

UPDATE: OK, so there really is no update…  my future husband still has not called. I am pretty sure he is stuck in a hospital somewhere with broken fingers (injured…but not severe). Or maybe, he is on a super secret mission to save the planet from aliens. (this is probably what happened…he seemed very brave!) so, readers….you are welcome. I have sacrificed phone calls and dates for your lives… see how much I care about you!!!! (now,  go find more people for me to care about ;)

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