Sunday, August 28, 2011

Green Eyes

I have so many dating stories...over so many years! This really has been a near 13 year challenge. Unfortunately, this blog was not conceived until this there are so many details I cant remember. So, because of this memory lapse, I will include some short stories. Stories, that have one outstanding moment.
Lets start with Green Eyes.

All I remember about him is that he was barely taller than me and had a gap in his front teeth (which surprisingly enough, didn't bother me at all. surprising, because I come from five generations of dentists).

On our first date...he told me that I had the most beautiful green eyes. He said it made him think of a Cold Play song. I had never heard of the song. He insisted I come listen to the song in his car. I refused to get in his car, I mean he could be a serial killer for all I know, so I just stood a couple of feet away. It was slightly awkward to say the least.

(Now, boys, if you are reading this... Compliments are wonderful! Romance is wonderful. All of these things are greatly appreciated, as long as there is not a fear of kidnapping involved. So compliment, and then stop! You can play songs down the road when she is willing to be in an enclosed vehicle with you.)

So, we parted ways.... that first date, was our only date. but...I still love that song.

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