Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Great Kisser…or so he says!

I met The Great Kisser online. We have never met, never talked, and only sent two emails back and forth. I know what you’re wondering… “If you have never met, how do you know he is a great kisser?”. That is a wonderful question… and I know, because he told me! 

I like to ask guys online to tell me a few random facts about themselves. I am a big fan of this question, because you find out some crazy things right out of the gate. It’s a good question to see if you want to ever ask another question again. I have gotten responses on where they are from, all the way to what position they like (I know…as I mentioned, it’s a good one to weed out the morons or perverts quickly). 

The Great Kisser only responded one fact…and that was that he is a great kisser. There are a few (yes, three) problems with this:

 One: I requested a ‘FEW’ random facts. He either doesn’t know what “a few” means (hint: three…as shown above), or he doesn’t take direction well. I could find problems in both of these issues. 

Two: How does he know he is such a great kisser? Does he sit around all day making out with himself? The mirror?  What if I’m not as good as him, and so he just chooses himself over me? I’m not sure if I could handle such rejection.  Or, maybe girls tell him all the time how amazing he is. I looked at his photos, he doesn’t look to be like the Almighty Best Kisser in the World…but of course, I don’t really know what that looks like anyways. I’m sure everyone has had someone that said they were a great kisser…but how many times has this guy heard it, to start conversations with it. I mean, that was his one random fact! He felt it to be such an important fact, that he left out the other two.  

Three: Is this all he has to offer? He couldn’t come up with any other facts? Don’t get me wrong, kissing is great…but you want to take breaks once in awhile to eat and whatnot… If all he has to offer is kissing…what would we do during meals? Kissing with food in your mouth is just gross. I am just not that adventurous! 

So what do I do? Do I pursue this, and find out just how good of a kisser he is. I mean, if he knows he is great…he must be amazing, right? Or, do I just pass him up because he is a tool. Not a good tool that fixes things. Like an amazing kissing tool (is there such a thing?) ….but a useless tool that you never need for anything….especially not kissing.

I think I will save my precious time for some other disappointment… and who knows, maybe one day, for a pleasant surprise! 

Ugh, Dating!


  1. I don't mean to stand up for a guy I don't know and whom may be my competition, but...

    I think your One and Three points are actually the same argument. There could be an innocent explanation, like he misread your question as "tell me a random fact about yourself" rather than "tell me a few random facts about yourself."

    I've personally been told by multiple ladies that I'm good at kissing. It was entertaining enough to me that the first person I came upon who didn't voluntarily complement me, I actually solicited her opinion on my kissing skill. Although this personal facet isn't something I normally share with people, I do consider it a random fact suitable for your query.

    Unless you've got other things against him, I personally wouldn't take his error on this topic as grounds for summary dismissal.

    Ugh, women logic!

  2. haha...i see your point. but i still find it weird. :)

  3. I was so excited to see that you are back to blogging. Honestly, though I am going to be very happy for you when you do find the one, I sure hope your next phase of life will be as entertaining as this one has been. Keep writing. Keep laughing.

  4. This is a fabulous blog...keep posting!!