Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Date That Never Happened… because he was an Over-Texter

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I require lots of attention… I’m an Aries, the first sign of the zodiac…often referred to as the sign of the infant child. This pretty much sums me up. I get cranky when I’m tired, hungry, or needing to be coddled. Some find this adorable and endearing (those that love kids…and have ridiculous amounts of patience), others get quite irritated. So, it’s basically a blessing and a curse. And, really, I can’t be held responsible… I mean, it was written in the stars long ago.  

I’m telling you this for some insight into how excessive the Over-Texter was. I mean, I love attention…lots of it, and he still managed to over-do it. 

I met him online…. Yes, I’m back and already regretting the decision… But, I’m dedicated to you, my readers, who are highly entertained by the greatness I bring out in people. So, with that said… You are welcome!

Anyways… so we met online, and started emailing. I highly prefer talking over emailing, so I am pretty quick to give my number out. I do this to talk….not to text. If the conversation is going to stick to writing…I have no need to hand out the digits. I swear texting is ruining relationships! I tend to be on the sarcastic side…how can someone know if they can’t hear the tone of my voice? And, more importantly, who wants to take 20 minutes to have a conversation that could normally take 2 minutes…this is another side affect of being an Aries, patience is not my virtue. I like taking the quickest route to a destination. It’s a sprint not a marathon, right?

So, the Over-Texter got my number…and of course just started texting away. I was able to handle it at first. I have gotten used to the fact that guys don’t call anymore, they text. I mean, it takes no balls to text…there is no fear of embarrassing rejection, or the terrifying chance that the phone won’t be answered…and, god- NO, he would have to leave a message. Which is why whenever a guy actually calls first, he has much better odds with me to start. The Over-Texter didn’t take those odds. 

It all started slow… just questions about where he could take me to dinner. I was patient. (Even though figuring out a place to eat took half an hour. Yes, I spent half an hour of my life just figuring out where to have dinner…I could have eaten dinner in less time.) But, I was patient.  

And then it all went downhill. He started asking where my family lives, if I am close with them, etc… all questions that are meant to be talked about…not texted.  My answers started becoming shorter and shorter…so then he asked if I had questions for him… I responded by saying that I’m going to bed. 

And then day two hit… I woke up to a text…and a picture of him (luckily not a dirty one…or maybe, that would have been better, so then I wouldn’t have endured another day of incessant texting).  And, stupid me...responded. This started a whirlwind of text. He told me about his family, asked me if my parents are divorced… At this point, my patience was wearing thin. My answers were averaging one word. I yelled out loud when I heard my phone buzz.  It was getting ugly. And then, he told me his dad died twelve years ago. I apologized. He told me that his family is all spread out…but they are still super close. And then, he asked what music I like. I told him we should save something to talk about on Sunday, when we had a date planned. I told him I have limited patience with texting and that I would much prefer talking when I meet him in two days. He said ok… Five minutes later …yes, just five minutes, he asked if I like dive bars, and began telling me all about one that he goes to. I responded with one word. And then he asked if I live with roommates… I didn’t respond. He sent another text letting me know that he lives alone in an apartment.  I then sent another text, letting him know that I am busy…and done texting. I told him we can talk when we meet. 

He managed to leave me alone for six hours…and then asked how my day was. I told him I was going to bed.

Next day, first thing, I get a text. He let me know everything he had going on that day. Then he asked if I like coffee. I said yes. He then asked how I dress when I go out…do I wear heels or flip flops. I didn’t respond. He let me know that he wears jeans and t-shirts. I didn’t respond. He waited four hours, and asked “what’s up?”. I still didn’t respond. He sent me three more texts, and an email, before he finally gave up. 

As I mentioned, I require lots of attention…but the Over-Texter took attention to a whole new level. It became creepy. He seemed obsessed. I was supposed to go to dinner with him tonight. I decided it would be a bad decision. What if he followed me home? What if he tried to kidnap me and force me to text forever?  Being texted to death sounds like hell to me! These thoughts keep me up at night, clutching my shotgun!

So…on to the next one. I hope he doesn’t have a phone!

Ugh, Dating!

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  1. I agree that txt is ruining relationships. Very rare to find a guy who actually goes "old school" and calls.